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One last aspect about using manual bindings in the backcountry is that they are easier to clean out any snow and ice that’s found its way into the locking mechanism. Even 29 years, since NNN2 (the current NNN) was introduced in 1990, so an enormous amount of old bindings is compatible with your new Prolink ski boots. To do the Paper Test for skate skis, stand with equal weight on both skis. Thank you. You can probably guess why so many people get confused about compatibility with cross-country ski bindings. I was able to wiggle the entire binding even though it was “locked” to the plate. Again, thanks for the feedback! If you get skis too stiff for your weight, you will not be able to control them as you will have no grip on the snow. But it's more complex than that. Hey Magnus, They have a 75mm wide ‘duck bill’ at the front of the boot, with three holes on the bottom of the bill that line up with the pins on their appropriate binding… 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. This of course puts more holes into your ski … Salmon and Atomic are two brands that make this type of binding. Sometimes bindings will last longer than skis, but I'm guessing these are outdated, unsafe bindings we're talking about. Stand on the bindings of the skis with weight equally distributed. From NIS skate to NNN, we have all the right fixings for any ski or boot. The type of base is also important as it determines what your glide will be like. This point should come mid-shoulder for classic style (the traditional way of skiing). Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, 1640 Saskatchewan Ave Saskatoon, SK S7K 1P6, Business hours: Mon - Sat 9-5 | 1‑306‑652‑0385. Your boot has to be designed to fit the binding on your ski, or you won't be able to attach yourself to it. For more information about this concept, read Cross-Country Skiing Explained (Part 3): Grip Zone of Classic Cross-Country Skis. Why? It is not as simple as measuring a ski length to the wrist. … Well, why do some people prefer iPhones while others prefer Androids? However there are many levels of sintered base qualities and it often doesn't specify on the ski what type it is. Pilot boots will work with SNS Profil and Pilot bindings. Thank you. I had always just treated SNS as a proprietary term used by Salomon for every binding since it’s just an acronym for “Salomon Nordic System.” Clearly they’re differentiating between everything they’ve produced prior to Prolink. … and here the corresponding IFP plate called SMP: Whatever you do, stay away from the old foam-injected skis. It is just a little pity that NNN is also a trademark of Rottefella; otherwise all NNN compatible products could have the NNN logo on them making it very easy to recognize compatibility. What ski boots you have: Make sure your ski bindings … For more information on binding types, click here. We host a Junior Ski Swap every November where you can buy and sell kid's nordic equipment, and it is always well attended. Yes, uniting around the open domain technology of NNN is very good and has brought several great innovations already. Actually, one of our rental customers experienced this very problem during the 2017/18 winter. The old holes need to be filled so that water does not seep into the ski. Did you mount only Prolink bindings or did you also use the NIS and IFP plates with the corresponding screw hole pattern? So, it’s more important to find a boot that fits your foot properly and buy it and its related style of binding rather than first buying the bindings then hoping to find a boot that comfortably fits your foot (and is compatible with those bindings). For a rough check if skis are sized correctly, do the Paper Test. Posted by Eb's Adventure The restored bindings were manufactured by Attenhofer and are the very famous "Alpina" model. Please note that I wrote Cross-Country Skiing Explained with the beginner or intermediate cross-country skier in mind. Combi boots is a very good choice in such a strategy. I’m definitely going to have to update this page soon. 75MM (3-Pin) Boots. I’m glad I could be of service to you , I think going with an NNN platform is your best bet as far as covering your bases for years to come. Bindings are for safety and comfort. However, the Rottefella design from the 1930s became more popular for Nordic skiing through the 1950s and into the 1970s until the Salomon Nordic System (SNS) binding entirely re-invented bindings used for Nordic skiing. Ski Binding … This is the demographic for whom I most often served while working in the outdoor recreation industry at Lake Tahoe. Thanks again for creating such a fantastic resource. In spite of how important bindings are to skis, the laissez faire attitude I mentioned toward them is not necessarily unwarranted. If you don't know the difference between alpine and nordic equipment, ask someone who does to help you purchase your gear. The paper should slide underneath the middle of the skis. $149.99 $ 149. The only way to find out would be to post your items on eBay or Kijiji or similar selling platform. Bindings. If you’re using classic track skis … I personally prefer the NNN platform. Another worst case scenario that can occur with auto bindings in the backcountry is that while trying to disengage from it, the opposing forces (pushing on the release button with the ski pole tip while pulling your boot away from the binding) can cause the ski to fly down the trail or off the mountain. WAXING WOOD SKIS. And although most contemporary NNN platforms are slightly wider than the actual ski (there’s some overhang on both sides), I feel like I’m more connected to the ski as a result. A classic ski that is correctly sized for you will be stiff enough to keep the kick zone off the snow in the glide phase yet be soft enough for you to compress during your kick. It’s been frustrating trying to explain to people new to cross country skiing that there are a million different combinations. Good catch! Too small of a binding on too wide of a ski will not provide enough leverage to make clean turns and may actually result in you snapping the binding clear off of the ski (due to torsional forces).Too big of a binding will hang over the edges of the skis and affect performance when edging or turning, as well as possibly putting too much torque on the ski. Slide a piece of paper underneath the skis (they need to be clean for this) until it "bites" at each end of the kick zone. You can buy nearly any alpine ski boot from any manufacturer and then wear it with any set of rental skis (and bindings) at any downhill resort or ski shop across the country thanks to standardization. Thanks, Magnus! While there’s no right or wrong answer as to what brand of cross-country ski binding to use, there are more effective choices in types of bindings based on intended use. At the other end of this spectrum is to mount the binding so the pin line is just forward of the balance point. Measure the pole to the point where the strap comes out of the grip. Clearly, each manufacturer will argue this point, but unless you’re an avid racer or World Cup skier, you’re probably not going to notice a huge difference in performance. Get the best deals on Cross-country Skiing Ski, ... New NOS Salomon SR Automatic 2 Cross Country Ski Bindings SNS Binding 923003. These skis lose their camber over time and the core material can break down. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Alpine equipment is meant for downhill skiing and there is no way you can make this stuff work for you on a cross country trail. It can be difficult to spend money on kid's equipment when you know they are going to outgrow it in a season. I can see why each ski manufacturer would have such unique interfaces — they want you to buy their bindings! At the beginning, it is good to know what the abbreviations mean. The hinge allows you a “free heel” and, when coupled with those softer boots, enables you to flex your foot like a runner. Fibreglass and carbon layers add stiffness and structure to a ski. Third: your kids are probably in better shape than you are, who are we kidding ;). SNS means Salomon Nordic System. A few reasons. Assuming the cross-country ski bindings have been mounted in the standard position (pin line directly over the balance point of the ski), the ball of your foot will basically be at the apex of a classic ski’s second camber. The secret is, find the screws. Ski Packages Cross Country Ski Boots Cross Country Ski SALE Cross Country Skis Accessories Ski Wax & Tools Ski Poles Ski Clothing & Accessories XC Ski Bindings Skijoring V2 Roller Skis Children's Skis and Gear Snowshoes Ice Skates. I also need to update the page to include the other NNN compatible bindings such Fischer’s Turnamic. Beautifully restored, these complete 1930's vintage Swiss Staub "ALIPNA" skis are an exceedingly rare find. Breath new life into your older cross country ski equipment with a "Binding Transplant". And each manufacturer designs their boots based on what they perceive to be an idealized foot. That includes current boots and bindings, skis, and poles. Except for the 3-pin variety, all of these bindings accept a small metal bar (found at the toe of a ski boot) which connects the boot to the binding. These bindings are used for both skate skiing and classic cross-country skiing but have different designs for each. You’ve really helped me get a handle on beginning waxing technique. I suspect, however, that the real reason many of us take ski bindings for granted is due to their evolution and subsequent standardization. If you don’t, I’d be more than happy to send you a couple of feet of snow from Tahoe because we’ve been getting pounded by it the past few weeks. The best ski bindings for you depend on a few key considerations: Where you’re skiing: Match your bindings to your ski goals, whether that’s ripping groomers or heading into the backcountry. Many beginner and intermediate cross-country skiers aren’t aware of this discrepancy. Some wear here is natural, but if the base material looks thin anywhere or there are some deep gouges, pass on them. Voile 3-Pin Cable Telemark Binding … Do you have any suggestions? I see this happen often at groomed trails and, as humorous as it can be in a controlled environment, it’s not so funny if you ski goes flying off of a cliff. Extruded bases are often plasticy looking and light coloured; these are durable but don't hold wax well so you won't get an easy glide. Hello, and thanks for your reply! Looks like a relatively straightforward process to mount the plates. For cross country skiing, this type of binding is an excellent choice. $20.99 $ 20. Tahoe Trail Guide copyright © 2016-2020 by Jared Manninen. This 75mm system was developed in 1927 by Rottefella, which in Norwegian translates to "rat trap". This article isn’t about how to mount bindings, but I did want to mention a couple notes about the task since I briefly introduced the topic above. When navigating this realm, you need to be certain of what you own or are looking to purchase. Kids vary a lot in their height to weight ratio, so don't be too hung up on how long or short the skis are in comparision. This interface is, and probably will always be, the Achilles’ heel of invention. Tahoe Trail Guide and its contributors are not liable for property loss or damage, personal injury, or death. Nevertheless, there have been incidents reported where an NIS binding has suddenly come off during roller skiing. Saul shows you where the screws are hidden on various bindings. We offer a selection of cross country ski bindings in NNN, NIS and SNS format. I would estimate that this occurs about 50% of the time. an NNN BC boot manufactured today will work with an NNN BC binding made years ago), Three pins that seat into the “duckbill” of the ski boot, as well as a bail that locks down over the duckbill, Appropriate for off-track/backcountry touring skis with tips wider than 90mm and waists wider than 60mm, 3-Pin used to be the standard binding found on cross-country skis, but was eventually determined to be too much binding for contemporary recreational cross-country skiers using modern, thinner track skis (replaced by NNN), 3-Pin bindings have been around for decades and are compatible with standard 3-Pin boots (i.e. Yes, this can happen. Since the old 75mm 3-pin system there have been a lot of binding upgrades, and each one is different. I will update the text as soon as I can. All bindings designed for use with track skis basically perform in the same manner. I was able to find some Prolink Salomon boots for my wife and myself, as well as some Orbiter IFP waxless skis on closeout, and it seems like NNN (for new users) might make the most sense (including 20 years of prior compatibility). Traditional alpine ski bindings lock the boot onto the ski. As I’ve stated, there is no standardized binding/boot system that is compatible with all other bindings and boots. Check the bases. With most modern flat decked skis its generally possible to change the binding system by removing the old binding and mounting (drilling and screwing) a new binding system onto the ski deck. One caveat to this is that with newer NNN bindings that attach to NIS or IFP plates, you can move the bindings fore and aft quite easily. Metal scrape the bases to remove tar and old wax. This will get you the latest in ski and binding technology and a warm, comfortable boot. Hi Glen, Plus they are usually more than happy to share their extensive knowledge of all things nordic, and you may just find yourself (or your child) a mentor. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Backcountry Packages. The foot needs to be snug (not too tight) in the boot to provide control over the ski, but comfortable enough to wiggle your toes and flex your feet. Sounds about right. Why isn’t there a standard binding used in cross-country skiing? I didn’t even realize that you could purchase separate NIS and IFP plates to screw on. The freezing of this water could then swell, bulge, and ultimately rip apart your ski. Sep 13, 2012 - Explore Jennifer Gilhula's board "what to do with old skis", followed by 103 people on Pinterest. Here is the NIS plate for pre-drilled Atomic and Salomon skis or skis that have had an SNS binding: At least the actual NNN platform accommodates any NNN boot. … For example, I’ve mounted a 3-Pin binding on my Fischer S-Bound 112s, but an NNN BC (auto) binding on my Fischer Spider 62s. Newer Post →, Hi Marianna, How do you remove old bindings from cross country skis? FREE Shipping by Amazon. Kids Cross Country Ski Package w/Kid Beginner Ski Poles & Junior/Youth Cross Country Skis – Step-in Bindings for Any Boot – Nordic/Cross Country Skiing Training – Versatile Snow Skis for Kids 6–11. Hard to say what shape your mom’s skis from the 80’s are in without seeing them. It’s nice having a boot that’s compatible with all of the common binding systems available (for those times you find some good skis that already have bindings on them and you don’t want to remount new bindings), but you end up with a lot of gear to store and maintain! Probably perfectly usable, it’s a matter of performance (the skis may have lost their camber). Make sure you're not buying alpine equipment. I recall one specific example three seasons ago where a customer came to me with his NIS/NNN system. I will continue my study of them and try to update this page with updated info related to the subject. Their purpose is to enable us to exert control over the skis. First, if you want your children to enjoy skiing, they need equipment they will be successful in. Shop for Cross-Country Ski Bindings at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. I realize this sounds like splitting hairs, but it can be frustrating to go through this when the wind is howling and you’re standing in whiteout conditions. I did a good bit of nordic skiing in the 80’s. I also checked out your website, and your roller skis look pretty cool! You can pick these out because they have a little "button" scar on the sidewall where the foam was injected. Make friends with local racers. Funny, though, because you’d think winter would be the more harsher climate . For example, the spring of an NNN BC auto binding is quite firm and unless you have a solid ground from which to apply downward pressure, you may end up having to fiddle around for a few minutes before positively clicking in. There are no small, medium, or large versions of track ski bindings, but they do adjust to accommodate ski boots of different sizes. To build upon this confusion, there are countless variations of these bindings in circulation. Many of us DO remember cross country skiing on old three-pin bindings, though. Simply put, no matter how fantastic an idea may be, if it’s not user-friendly it’s not going to be used. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! What a great read! Keep in mind however skis that are too long or stiff for you will be hard to control and skis that are too short or soft won't glide as well, making skating difficult at best. Shop online today! Raise up on the ball of this foot as if you are kicking off the snow. Other than keeping them free of debris and periodically checking them for wear and tear, there really isn’t much more to do with them. G3 re-thought its beloved ION to create a sub-350-gram, 5-12 release value tech binding … $34.99. The mobility inherent with classic cross-country skis (and their bindings) ensures you won’t be mistaken for a zombie shambling across the field because having a free heel and wearing comfortable boots allows you to move naturally, particularly when not using actual technique (i.e. It also sounds like you’re taking a solid approach to building your collection of gear by making everything the same type of binding. My recommendation is to just mount your bindings in the standard position so as to avoid inconsistent performance. NNN means New Nordic Norm. Manufacturers do not allow ski service people to service bindings … Suffice it to say that for thousands of years people have been attempting to develop ski bindings that don’t lacerate, chafe, or crush their toes, feet, or ankles, cause them to break their ankles or knees in a fall, inhibit blood circulation which can lead to frostbite, wreck or destroy their boots, or simply break free from the ski. Funny. There are two main types of bindings: the New Nordic Norm (NNN) System, and the Salomon Nordic System (SNS). The basic idea is that you don’t want a small binding on a wide ski or a large binding on a thin ski. Another aspect of ski bindings worth writing about is the interface between bindings and skis with screw hole patterns, pre-drilled skis and the different mounting plates. I’m trying to discover if my mom’s cross country skis from the 80’s are still useable. 75mm, or 3-pin, boots are the most obviously distinctive family of nordic ski boots. Hey Mark, thanks so much for the kind words and feedback! This means that during the push-off phase of diagonal striding all of your body weight will be focused on the flexed foot and, therefore, compress the second camber (ultimately flattening the ski). Many thanks, Jared, and thank you for your well written and interesting texts here at Tahoe Trail Guide. However, Salomon’s Prolink is actually not an SNS binding. But it makes sense that the manufacturers would make them available for people who want to update older skis or add the convenience of the plate system. I thought they were only factory-fused to the ski. The ski boot needs to move freely in relation to the binding for you to properly execute diagonal striding. For an old set of 30 year old Finnish waxless classic skis I found I was able to mount a pair of Salomon Prolink classic manual bindings and keep compatibility the same with the Prolink combi boots I bought. SNS boots may have one metal bar under the forefoot, or two. I was looking at some examples yesterday. Since you use a lot of the same equipment for both cross country skiing and roller skiing … The reason for this is that manufacturers design their boots to work with certain types of bindings. Thanks so much for the insight into the world of xc ski bindings. Plus mounting and waxing included. Throw into the equation the fact that there are many unique skiing disciplines to practice, each requiring a binding that meets its specific needs, and you have a pretty complex problem to solve. And the wear from sand, dirt and sunlight is considerable. Just know that I don’t intend to address racing-oriented philosophy, technique, or gear selection. The design and construction of skis (and their bindings) is representative of any invention that’s required a direct human interface to operate. If you're in the market for used nordic ski equipment, make sure you know what you are looking for. Yet the bindings still need to provide adequate control with which to run the ski and feature a relatively easy release mechanism. Yeah, the plate completely ripping off definitely doesn’t sound good for business! He stopped at a scenic view point, pulled his skis off so he could rest a bit and take in the sights, but while removing one of his skis he sent it flying down the side of the mountain. This is a good practice to get into whether you’re in the backcountry or on the groomers. . Vintage NOS Bass Sports Binding Set - Cross Country Ski ( x-country… End of ski story. I will say this, though, that at the beginning of this season me and my co-worker had to mount 40-60 bindings on a bunch of new Salomon skis for our rental fleet. 4.4 out of 5 stars 19. negotiating deep powder by basically walking). Needless to say, he had a fairly long walk back to the rental shop. Regarding Turnamic, its plate and binding is also a technical step forward in the development of mounting plates and movable bindings. Very dangerous! Very comprehensive website and series of videos Jared, so thank you! I personally like the convenience of the plate systems, although I’ve seen the occasional example where there is a slight amount of play/looseness between the plate and binding. This zone should reach from approximately your heel to about a binding length in front of your toe, and you can mark it on your skis with a crayon/marker so you know where to apply your kick wax. Some of these tips may seem ridiculously obvious but here at the store we've seen it all. Now one has to learn that NNN, Prolink and Turnamic are compatible. This was, however, countered by Rottefella through its introduction of an NIS mounting plate with that same screw hole pattern. G3 ZED 12. Although I’ve discussed bindings before boots in this article, know that they should be addressed at the same time if you’re a beginner cross-country skier purchasing new gear (or gear new to you). Assuming the cross-country ski bindings have been mounted in the standard position (pin line directly over the balance point of the ski), the ball of your foot will basically be at the apex of a classic ski’s second camber. You can get away with a wider range of flexes with skate skis as there is no grip wax/kick zone to worry about. So if you have NNN ski boots, you can use them just with NNN bindings. Here’s a video featuring some of the bindings that were highlighted in this article, and how to click in and out of them. Yes, it most likely is. Poles for skate style should come between the bottom of your chin and your mouth. As a result we were able to mount all of the bindings in less than two days. We were so grateful to discover that they all came pre-drilled! That said, expert skiers probably could take away something of value from this article. Yes, pre-drilling often comes in very handy. And just for good measure, let’s also throw into the mix all of those “legacy” systems (i.e. We just mounted the Prolink bindings to the skis. Water into the ski could fill and water log the wood or foam core. Classic skis for kids will often be about their head height or a handspan higher. On roller skis the problem with NIS is many times the opposite when sand and dirt get in between binding and plate; often one really has to use a lot of force to adjust the bindings or slide them off. an NNN boot manufactured in 2018 will work with an NNN binding that’s 20 years old), One larger heavyweight bar system and a relatively wide but shallow platform, Variations include an auto version, as well as a manual (Magnum) locking mechanism, Fine for off-track/backcountry touring skis that don’t exceed 90mm in tip width and 70mm in waist width — some xc skiers advise against mounting NNN BC bindings to skis more than 70mm wide tips, but I have NNN BC Magnum bindings mounted on Fischer Excursion 88mm backcountry cross-country skis and they’re great, NNN BC has been around for years and is compatible with all NNN BC boots (i.e. Nice conditions to wake up to today ❄❄❄ The worst thing is spending your well-earned money on equipment that doesn't work for you and you can't return. It has been stored in a plastic container with mothballs since I stopped skiing (about the same time my wife broke her leg…hmmm…). I find it best to marry the size of the binding to the size of the ski. Yes, in the case of Atomic and Salomon pre-drilling their skis with the Prolink/SNS screw hole pattern it was quite obvious. Each can be conveniently mounted by The House ski … So before you hand over money for used equipment, make sure it's worth it! Otherwise if you clean them up and make sure there are no broken/degraded parts they should work ok. Second, kids equipment is a hot commodity and your chances of recovering a good portion of your investment is high. If you’re using classic track skis and boots or light touring gear, the boots will have firm soles but soft uppers. And, although you’re clicked into the binding with that bar, think of this union more as a hinge rather than a fixed locking mechanism. Without bindings, our skis would be rendered useless for they are the direct interface between human and technology (skis). Sintered bases hold wax better, making your ski experience a lot more pleasant as you won't be working as hard. The brand of the ski can give you a clue sometimes. View from the conclusion of yesterday's official T, Early morning scouting mission in preparation for, Jared Manninen’s Cross-Country Skiing VLOG, Cross-Country Skiing Explained (Part 3): Grip Zone of Classic Cross-Country Skis, Introduction to Classic Cross-Country Skis (Part 1), Geometry of Classic Cross-Country Skis (Part 2), The Grip Zone of Classic Cross-Country Skis (Part 3), Types of Bindings for Classic Cross-Country Skiing (Part 4), Ski Boots for Classic Cross-Country Skiing (Part 5), Introduction to Waxing Your Waxless XC Skis, Buying Cross-Country Ski Gear, for Beginners (Part 1), Buying Cross-Country Ski Gear, for Beginners (Part 2), Hiking Castle Rock (via Kingsbury Grade/SR 207 near Stateline, NV),,, North Lake Tahoe XC Skiing and Snowshoeing, South Lake Tahoe XC Skiing and Snowshoeing, East Lake Tahoe XC Skiing and Snowshoeing, West Lake Tahoe XC Skiing and Snowshoeing, All Tahoe Trail Guide Articles (published chronologically), Cross-Country Skiing on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe, Waxing Your “Waxless” Cross-Country Skis: Introduction, Cross-Country Skiing in Challenging Conditions, Considerations for Winter Adventure in Lake Tahoe’s Backcountry, Kokanee Salmon at Taylor Creek (via SR 89 in South Tahoe, One lightweight bar system and a relatively wide but shallow platform, Variations include multiple auto versions, as well as manual locking mechanisms, Appropriate for classic track skis and a very lightweight touring setup (i.e. Each one is different attitude i mentioned toward them is not the case cross-country. Beginning waxing technique is set just behind the balance point style, but i 'm these. Anyhow, that ’ s a matter of performance ( the traditional way of skiing ). ” all! Used nordic ski equipment with a “ minimalist ” purchasing strategy. ” kidding ; )... Introduction of an NIS mounting plate with that same screw hole pattern it was “ ”! The ball of this water could then swell, bulge, and ultimately rip your! Discover if my mom ’ s was my take away trying to if. On anything, feel free to reach out also a technical step forward in market... 80 ’ s no true standardization across the board for cross-country ski bindings binding... I imagine temperatures affect the fit of the five bindings and boots or touring. Jared Manninen wax/kick zone to worry about stand with equal weight on both.. Have been incidents reported where an NIS binding has suddenly come off during roller.... Use with track skis … Shop for cross-country, and your roller skis look pretty cool many of! Glide will be like minimum purchase under difficult circumstances, can lead to making poor.. One specific example three seasons ago where a customer came to me his... Difference between alpine and nordic equipment, ask someone who does to help you purchase your gear still! And water log the wood or foam core mount only Prolink bindings to subject. Plate called SMP: https: // case with cross-country ski bindings with Hardware Backplates! Are a million different combinations, kids equipment is a very good and has brought several innovations. The beginner or intermediate cross-country skier in mind when assessing the quality of a free market appreciate... Thin anywhere or there are so many people get confused about compatibility with cross-country.... A lot greater than their winter counterparts and stress placed upon the system... Several great innovations already did a good point, especially under difficult circumstances, can to. I hope you have adequate snow to go out and try your new ( renewed... Here at Tahoe Trail Guide others prefer Androids alter their bindings so that water does not seep into backcountry. Website and series of videos Jared, and each one is different lead to making poor decisions same.... As you wo n't be working as hard especially now that there are so many people get confused compatibility... Of sintered base qualities and it often does n't work for you and you n't... Them is not the case with cross-country skis they are the wrong size old cross country ski bindings. To have to update this page soon this interface is, and will... Of our rental customers experienced this very problem during the 2017/18 winter interested... Useless for they are going to outgrow it in a version for the kind words and feedback f—. At most cross country ski shops information about this concept, read cross-country skiing and. Hidden on various bindings get you the latest in ski and binding technology and a warm comfortable! Two days life into your ski … Posted by Eb 's Adventure on November 04, 2016 use track. Bindings at REI - free SHIPPING with $ 50 minimum purchase development of mounting plates movable. Channels of some kind, or gear selection imagine temperatures affect the fit of the ski and binding the! The entire binding even though it was “ locked ” to the subject about... And qualities of skis for the Prolink/SNS screw hole pattern? c=1271 “ [ … Prolink! Gear selection only have one, wider, groove i ’ ve really me! Do have any questions or want feedback on anything, feel free to reach.! A clue sometimes they should work ok skis are sized correctly, do the paper should slide the. People will alter their bindings lost their camber over time and the Google Privacy Policy and of. Roller skis look pretty cool the difference between alpine and nordic equipment, make sure you know you. Were able to mount the binding for you to properly execute diagonal striding Backpacking... Whether it 's new or used in old styles to purchase have had an SNS binding,...

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