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Grandmother Fa | Nick Parker | Wreck-It Ralph | James Norrington | Pegasus | Toby Turtle | Peter Pan | Fife | Captain Amelia | Max | Tarzan | Magenta | Back at the nest, Tarzan fights Kerchak to let everyone, including Jane and the professor escape (he was being dumb). As Kerchak's rival, he aggressively tried to take over control of the family, but was quickly banished. Jock (2019) | Esmeralda | Prince Naveen | Tarzan also has several cartoons made about him, and they are all about Tarzan and Jane's further adventures in the jungle. Scuttle | Pete | Zeus | Pegasus | Gabriella | His yells in the original movies are ironically preformed by Clayton's voice actor Brian Blessed. Prince Edward | Juliet Butler | Nigel | Strelitzia | Tito | While helping Jane get over her more romantic ideas about jungle life, she acts as his guide to the duplicity in human nature—and insists he eat his food from a plate. Bolt | Elrena | Jake | Jaq and Gus | Ultimately, he is rescued by Terk and Tantor after they heard Tarzan's cry. Ratso | John Smith | Sally | Merryweather | Bambi | Sitka | Borra | Nick Wilde | Evinrude | Vultures | Adira | KnowsMore | Twelve little girls | Sunni Gummi | Data-Naminé | Fairy Godmother | Barley Lightfoot | Wikis. Cinderella | Prince Dastan | Pepito | Zazu | Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff | Scat Cat | Glowworm | Pocahontas | Héctor | Jim Craig | Abu | Clayto… Tragedy falls upon the new family, however, as his parents are killed by Sabor the Leopard later on (Two Worlds). Roo | Eddie Valiant | Yuna | Gribble | Mushu | Years later, when he was an adult, an American girl named Jane Porter arrived to his jungle. Chip Potts (2017) | Fethry Duck | His affection towards Jane and weird actions (riding a bicycle, leaving early in the morning, etc.) Petros Xanatos | Yao, Ling and Chien Po | Giles Winslow Sr. | This causes him to go about his days with much caution and hesitation, and can occasionally cause him to fall into fits of panic before cowering in fear. Dr. Finkelstein | Zero | As soon as he crawled out of the remnants, two of the thugs grab him and slam him against the superstructure's wall; he then asks Clayton for help but Clayton reveals to him that he'll attack the gorilla's nest. Panchito Pistoles | Lulu Plummer | Tarzan steps in and kills the leopard with Kala, Kerchak (in a way), Tantor, Terk and the entire gorilla pack cheering for his victory. Jenny Blake | Dumbo | He realizes that he was a human all along and, after Kala said that she'll be happy with whatever makes him happy, dresses in his father's suit and follows the explorers to England. Mrs. Potts (2017) | Ienzo | Denahi | Veronica Parker | Category:Characters | Tarzan Wiki | Fandom. Artemis Fowl | Beast (2017) | Sergeant Calhoun | Big Mama | https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Tarzan?oldid=1892357. Robin Hood | Toaster | Martin | Neku Sakuraba | However, due to the efforts of Sora and Tarzan, Clayton is defeated and the jungle is saved. As the explorers, unfortunately, are starting to return to England, Tarzan displays hurt, to one point he even tries to convince Jane to stay with him. Naminé | The BFG | Lisa Simpson | On the tree branches, Tarzan and Clayton engage in a struggle in which the two are evenly matched. Captain Phoebus | He cares deeply about his family and friends and was willing to risk his life to save them. Belinda | He is also shown to have a hatred towards animals as he finds gorillas to be savage beasts, despite Jane suggesting otherwise.He also never shows any signs of cowardice. Tarzan (John Clayton II, Viscount Greystoke) is a fictional character, an archetypal feral child raised in the African jungle by the Mangani great apes; he later experiences civilization, only to reject it and return to the wild as a heroic adventurer. Marshmallow | Shank | He is based on the legendary hero Tarzan was raised by gorillas in the wilds of Africa and had to protect his family from the evil poacherClaytonwhile learning about his past. After Jane realizes that she loves him, she jumps off the boat and runs toward him, much to his surprise and the two finally share their first kiss. Princess Calla | Coach Boomer | Rufus | Jaq and Gus (2015) | Maurice | He has the ability of every animal, and he can summon any land animal with a primal scream. Mercury | Prince Charming | Porthos | Mr. Centipede | In "Tarzan and the Jungle Madness", he was able to figure out what made the animals go mad and in "Tarzan and the Lost Treasure", he was able to outsmart some treasure hunters who threatened to kill Jane if he didn't do what they said. Prince Charming | Tarzan fights the leopard, and gets scratched on the chest in the process, but lives. Dani Dennison | Ansem the Wise | Among his countless movies are: -the Johnny Weismuller ones, that helped bring Tarzan into popular culture and defined Tarzan as we know it. Another aspect is seen when his personal life with Jane, her father, and humans, in general, tends to interfere with his duties as pack leader. Ryder Nattura | Prince Rei | Neera | Tinker Bell | Horace Horsecollar | Goofy | Ethan | He travels throught the jungle swinging from vines, and he wears nothing but a loincloth. Mother Cougar | Dave Stutler | Tigger | Een schip verdwijnt brandend in de golven. Mickey Mouse | Though an uncommon walk-around character, he does appear in the Tarzan's Treehouse attractions at Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland as well as appearing in various shows inspired by the film. Uttamatomakkin | Type of Hero Christopher Robin (2018) | Pleakley | Grace | Louis the Alligator | John Clayton Greystroke Vixey | He manages to kick Clayton off and goes after his rifle. This also proves that, like most heroes, he is one to spare the antagonist mistakenly. Taran | Zero | Het is de 37e lange animatiefilm van Disney. Audry Ramiraz | Mayor of Halloween Town | Neewa | Lance Strongbow | Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Balthazar Blake | Debbie Thornberry | Donald Duck | Athos | Cogsworth | Basil of Baker Street | March Hare | Billina | In a fit of rage, Tarzan aggressively attacks him, but is forced back by Clayton's shots. 1 Synopsis 2 Characters 2.1 Released 2.2 Upcoming 3 Badges 4 Gallery 5 Trivia 6 External links 7 Reference Join the battle in this action-packed RPG starring Disney and Pixar heroes from The Incredibles, Wreck-It Ralph, and Zootopia! Miss Clavel | Grandma Tala | Sparky | Aqua | Chicken Little | Perri | Ki | Michael T. Weiss provides both Tarzan's regular speaking voice and Tarzan yell in. John Smith | Baboons | Sunny | Victor Frankenstein | Verhaal. Mrs. Calloway | Clayton, don't!" Mouse King | Bambi's Mother | After it stops raining, he carries Jane back to her camp. Jane and her father are excited to mingle with the gorillas. The Emperor of China | Master Eraqus | Moana Waialiki | Ariel | Elastigirl | He then presents Kerchak Sabor's corpse, earning his reluctant respect. Chicken Little | Maggie Simpson | Snow White | Sam Flynn | Nick Wilde | Arthur Pendragon | He was once shown naked briefly in the episode "Tarzan and the Lost Cub", when a playful leopard cub ripped his loincloth after he and Jane landed safely on a tree branch from tree-surfing. GoGo Tomago | Yao, Ling and Chien Po | At around the age of 20, Tarzan meets an American woman named Jane Porter, and her father. Riku | When Jane returns to the United States, Tarzan leaves the jungle in search of her, h… Chip and Dale | Layla Williams | Abu (2019) | As a young adult, Tarzan meets a young American woman, Jane Porter. Rafiki (2019) | Skeeter Bronson | Santa Claus | Cougar cubs | Captain Phoebus | Mona | Tarzan is een Amerikaanse animatiefilm uit 1999 van Walt Disney Pictures. Until Jane Porter, her father, and Clayton arrived he had never seen another human before and was, therefore, unaware of what species he was. Ivan | Dumbo | Gantu | Due to this, Kerchak often appeared to be mistrusting, cold, judgmental, aggressive towards outsiders. Merlin | Madellaine | Patti Mayonnaise | Elliott (2016) | Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei | John Carter | Varian | Prince Eugene, Unofficial Abigail and Amelia Gabble | Giselle | Elsa Van Helsing | Gordon Bombay | Seven Dwarfs (Bashful | Doc | Dopey | Grumpy | Happy | Sleepy | Sneezy) | Ted Johnson | Tarzan agrees and leads the party to the gorilla pack's home, while Terk and Tantor lure Kerchak away to avoid having him attack the humans. She sacrificed herself in order to retrieve the Sword of Protection which was powering Hordak's portal - an act that prevented reality from collapsing - but in doing so, she was trapped between dimensions. Scott Calvin | Patch | Anastasia Tremaine | El Chupacabra | Dumbo (2019) | Maleficent (2014) | He has also been known to be willing to rescue his enemies; an example of this was when Clayton was about to fall to his death, and Tarzan exclaimed "Clayton! Mrs. Ladybug | With Clayton and Sabor having been killed, a new line of enemies emerge for Tarzan to face, most notably Queen La, who was in love with Tarzan and began an endless pursuit to eliminate Jane and have him as her mate. Katrina Van Tassel | Fflewddur Fflam | Mrs. Jumbo | Ballerina | Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 | Bagheera (2016) | He also appears, of course, in the movie's theatrical stage adaptation, this time with the characters singing. Allison | Hurley | Goals Launchpad McQuack | Jim Hawkins | He married Jane and they live happily in the jungle, residing in the old treehouse that Tarzan's parents had built before their deaths. Kerchak | Riku Replica | Cri-Kee | Zack Fair, Television Peak-human conditionSkilled hunter and fighterArcheryHigh intelligence Willie the Whale | Kerchak is a villainous Mangani from the original Tarzan books, a vicious silverback who was responsible for the deaths of Tarzan's original family. Winnie the Pooh | Master Eraqus | Princess Tamina | Mighty Joe Young | Lewis | Tarzan is an extremely brave, loyal, and honorable character. Genie (2019) | Wolf | Thunderbolt | Philoctetes | This resulted in him falling from a great height, right into a pile of boxes. Pridelanders (Mufasa | Nala | Rafiki | Simba) | Disappointed and hurt by this, Tarzan runs down to the edge of the water and puts mud all over himself and then Kala shows up at night. Thomas O'Malley | In "Tarzan and the One Punch Mulligan", he refuses to fight Mulligan because he does not want to give in to his demands and doesn't believe fighting for sport is right and in another where he saves his mortal enemy Tublat from being a caged animal, despite hating him because it is the right thing to do. Setzer Gabbiani | Tarzan is encouraged by Kala that he's "not that different" at all. Messua | Sergeant Tibbs | When Terk, younger gorillas, and Tantor are trashing the camp while making music ("Trashin' the Camp"), Tarzan steps in and solves the problem. Flounder | Clayton, don't!\" and reached out to save him, even though Clayton had fatally wounded Kerchak and attempted to kill him and kidnap … Enemies Sven | | Kristoff | Lizzy | Mouse | Tramp | Eric | Tarzan is an extremely brave, loyal, and honorable character. King Triton's Daughters (Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, & Andrina) | Goliath | Yar | Lady Kluck | Grammi Gummi | Holly Short | Kerchak says he was trying to protect their family and confronts Tarzan's action as well, telling him that he has betrayed his family. Dixie | Conall | Vexen) | Kevin Flynn | Olympian Gods (Posidon, Aphrodite, Apollo) | Terk | Maui | Huey, Dewey, and Louie | Moki | Tarzan | Origin Robert Philip | Adult Fifi | Captain Gantu | Sabor is changed to a leopard, since in real life there are no lions in the African jungle. Kala leads him to the old treehouse, tells him that she should've told him about it long ago and that she isn't his biological mother. Realizing he doesn't have the advantage over Clayton, he moves up to the trees, which lures Clayton to follow him. Jim Evers | Prince Charming (2015) | Mushu | Jack Skellington | Wayne Szalinski | Buck Cluck | Herbie | Reportedly, Tony Goldwyn was originally meant to use an American accent when speaking with the gorillas and a British accent when speaking with humans in order to differentiate gorilla language and English, but the idea was dropped when Goldwyn could not pull off a convincing English accent. Hector Barbossa | Gusto Gummi | Flit | Quasimodo | Fix-It Felix, Jr. | Jessica Rabbit | Goals The series portrayed Tarzan (played by Ron Ely) as a well-educated character who had grown tired of civilization, and returned to the jungle where he had been raised. Theodore and Amos | Maximus | Naminé | Sweet Polly Purebred | Miss Eglantine Price | Abu | Peter Pevensie | Terk | Tadashi Hamada | Genie | Philoctetes | Full Name Maui | Archimedes Q. Porter | Homer Simpson | Stan & Carmine | Gladstone Gander | Marnie Piper | Alice Liddell | The second season streamed on October 12, 2018. Lost Boys | Cookie | Taylor McKessie | Aramis | Tarzanis the main character of Disney's 1999 animated feature of the same name. Riley Poole | Hercules | Fix-It Felix, Jr. | Yelana | Vitani | Great Prince of the Forest | Wilhelmina Packard | Pongo | Ryan Evans | Olivia Flaversham | Emma | Gavin Magary | He is John Clayton, the son of Lord and Lady Greystoke. Miguel Rivera | Find his place in the world and protect Jane and the gorillas and the entire jungle (succeeded). Trusty | Zazu (2019) | Kessie | Trusty (2019) | Lumière (2017) | Do-Gooder Bog King, Sequels Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hercules | She is the daughter of Archimedes Q. Porter, the wife of Tarzan, the adoptive daughter-in-law of Kala and Kerchak, and adoptive cousin-in-law of Terk. When John and Alice Clayton, Lord and Lady Greystoke are marooned on a jungle shore, they make a treehouse wherein to live while awaiting rescue. Jonathan Boy | Although Tarzan doesn't live with Kala, Terk, and the other gorillas, Tarzan will still leap into action to protect them at any length, and he often returns to seek Kala's advice in dealing with situations such as the doubts of the other gorillas, and Jane wanting him to be more "civilized". Hyacinth Hippo | Honey Lemon | Protagonist | Nakoma | He is also noted for being fairly perspicacious and intelligent, as he often thinks his way out of situations given the fact many of his opponents are species that are stronger than him, and he made weapons self-taught. Hamish, Hubert, & Harris, Others Zarina | Beast | Mad Hatter | Chris Kratt | Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit | Buzz Lightyear | Fairy Godmother | Big Red | Lady (2019) | Larry | Zugor is mostly helped by Tarzan. Sabrina Spellman | Cass Hamada | This version of Tarzan appears in "Kingdom Hearts". Sheik Amar | Mrs. Potts | Oscar Diggs | Boo | Roger Rabbit | Morgana Macawber | Jane Porter | Angel | Eliza Thornberry | Sir Tuxford | Silvermist | D.W. Read | Kristoff | Dat afgeronde verhaal was een groot succes, met het gevolg dat de schrijver nog 23 avonturen met Tarzan ging schrijven. Abigail Chase | Jetstream | Sven | Tarzan appeared as a party member in the first Kingdom Hearts. Not to be confused with Disney's version, who was an anti-hero. Register Start a Wiki. Piglet | Christopher Robin | Queen Elsa | King Stefan | Unlike his two best friends, Tantor is extremely cowardly. When he is cornered with his own gun, he is far from begging for hi… Tarzan Wiki. Sara Jean Reynolds | Aladar | Santa Claus | Gurgi | Tarzan | King Louie | Pluto | Ludwig Von Drake | Leslie Burke | Tin Soldier | Inspector Gadget | Olaf | Kiara | Tidus | LeFou (2017) | Minnie Mouse | Gruffi Gummi | Mr. Big | Dash Parr | Mr. Magoo | Nevertheless, Tarzan denies the humans access to the gorillas' camping grounds, due to Kerchak's orders and stubbornness. When Kerchak sees this, he tries to intervene but is unfortunately shot by Clayton. Lofty | Tarzan Wiki is a collaborative website about Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan.We cover books, movies, TV shows, musicals, comics and all other media related to Tarzan. Tiana | Mona the Vampire | Refusing to lose to the ape man, Clayton aggressively rips them with his teeth and machete, unaware that one of them is hanging into his neck while the vine he is hanging on is weakening, just waiting to snap. Jiminy Cricket | Djali | Daisy Duck | As he comes close, it turns out to be Sabor. Thomas | Alice Liddell | Troy Bolton | Cala | Finally, he has the ability to talk human as he said his name "Tarzan" (although how is not clear, as this name was given by Kala, which means, despite his parents being able to teach him English before they were killed, he logically can't say his name in English). King John | Clayton, Jane and her father realize he is the perfect person to help them which their research. Annette, Collette and Danielle | and reached out to save him, … This Hero was proposed and approved by Heroes Wiki's Pure Good Proposals Thread. ; January 1st - The event Royal Season is live until February 1st at 1:00 PM (Paris time). Cleo | Clayton's Pirates(also known asThugs) are supporting antagonists in Disney's 37th full-length animated feature filmTarzan, which is based on the 1912 American novelTarzan of the Apesby the late Edgar Rice Burroughs. Hera | Bruton | Bambi | Mulch Diggums | Arthur Read | Jane Porter | Mayor of Halloween Town | Windlifter, Shorts, TV Shows, Comics and Video Games The Lone Ranger | Attina | Violet Parr | Juarez | Judy Hopps | Bianca | Muses | No information Data-Riku | Robe | Nanny | One day, they were travelling by boat with baby John when their ship sunk and they were marroned in the coast of Africa. Sebastian | Tarzan makes occasional appearances in Disney parks. Joshamee Gibbs | Kit Cloudkicker | Lucy Pevensie | Surprisingly, he is also very clever, well-read, trustworthy, and knowledgeable, as he is seen reading books on occasion in order to learn more, showing he has culture. Milo Thatch | Thumper | Grandmother Willow | Frank Walker | Buck | Earthworm | Dr. David Q. Dawson | Clayton initially appears as a chivalrous and polite gentleman, albeit with a delicate temper and intolerance for treating the African expedition as a vacation experience rather than a business endeavor. Kenai | The other is, When Tony Goldwyn was unable to provide a satisfactory version of the Tarzan yell, Brian Blessed, the voice of Clayton, stepped in and provided the yells for the film instead. Hua Mulan | There, they have a son. Ron Stoppable | Cassandra | Villains from the series Tarzan by the late Edgar Rice Burroughs, and adaptations of the stories.. For villains from the Kingdom Hearts series, only ones from the world "Deep Jungle" should go here. Tarzan hasn't only rescued his pack but ingeniously hid himself and his friends with mud so the snake couldn't see them. Caillou | Many episodes revolve around his romance with Jane, interacting with the human world, as well as meeting and encountering various visitors of the jungle from England, with the rainforest having become a place of trade and port established by the recurring Renard Dumont. He has also been known to be willing to rescue his enemies; an example of this was when Clayton was about to fall to his death, and Tarzan exclaimed \"Clayton! Ryan | Another aspect is his leadership, where another gorilla challenged him for leadership and won because Tarzan saved him. Sarafina | Flowers | Warren Peace | Data-Sora | Vanellope von Schweetz | Tarzanis the titular main protagonist of Disney's 37th full-length animated feature film with the same name. Max Medici | Patch | Jasmine | Wendy Darling | Kairi | Razoul | Gabriella Montez | When Tarzan is fighting Sabor, during the moment when Tarzan is lying on his back and Sabor is lying on top of him, Tarzan has his legs bent (he lifts his belly/waist to try to lift Sabor) but in the next shot, despite the fact that we don't see his legs, Tarzan appears to be lying firmly on his back. In The Legend of Tarzan, he has shown to take over as the leader and while he retains the majority of his personality from the film, there are some other aspects explored and expanded. Megara | ; After inputting data use the "Preview Changes" button to see how well you are doing! He is also good at telling when people are telling lies, though he can be tricked. Marianne Thornberry | Phileas Fogg | Timon | Tarzan of the Galaxy: a baby mentioned in a prophecy in the Galaxy Bible, he landed on Earth, sleeping in a life-preserving capsule, as the sole survivor of a spaceship attacked by space pirates. Dr. James Timothy Possible | Pete | Even so, Clayton soon feeds into the darkness and loses his heart, allying himself with the threatening Heartless. Blue Fairy | Will Turner | Pete (2016) | Tarzan is the main character in Edgar Rice Burroughs' book "Tarzan, Lord of the Apes". Zeus, Other Square Enix Characters The production later relocated to Mexico. Pip | Radio | Villains from the 1999 film Tarzan, the 2001 animated TV series The Legend of Tarzan and it's 2005 midquel, Tarzan II. Data-Naminé | Water Rat | Kevin Flynn | Cassim | Simba (2019) | Wreck-It Ralph | Kerchak | Afterwards, Tarzan goes to a dying Kerchak, who finally accepts him as his son and asks Tarzan to take care of the other gorillas, before dying. Yesss | Flower | Dawn | Lexington | Popeye | The next day, after his chest has been treated and bandaged from the almost fatal gunshot, Tarzan stands on the beach, and looks sadly as Jane and her father leave him. Martin Kratt | Fred | Milo | Travis Coates | He chases the leopard off and leads Sora to the encampment of Jane and her bodyguard Clayton, after being asked to help find his friends, Riku and Kairi. Aladdin (2019) | Tarzan of the Galaxy: a baby mentioned in a prophecy in the Galaxy Bible, he landed on Earth, sleeping in a life-preserving capsule, as the sole survivor of a spaceship attacked by space pirates. Perdita | Tarzan realizes this and tries to warn him, but Clayton continues to cut the vines around him and eventually cuts the one he was hanging on to, causing both him and Tarzan to fall. Blag | Brooklyn | Forest Animals | Baloo (2016) | Nigel Thornberry | Lady | Hij verscheen voor het eerst in Tarzan of the Apes in 1912. Games Movies TV Video. Hobby Miss Gotto | Pongo | Angus McBadger | Url | Mertle Edmonds | Darwin the Chimp | Tarzan appears as the protagonist of the animated series. Personage. Bob | Hobby Milo's Mother | Sid the Science Kid | Shanti | Penny | Milly and Joe Farrier | Aviva Corcovado. Lucky | Swinging on vinesSurfing on treesBeing with JanePlaying games with Terk Tummi Gummi | You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission of an administrator first. Prince Naveen | Bongo the Bear | Annie James | Jill Young | Chip Potts | After being rescued, he returns to wear his usual clothes, rescues the gorilla pack and defeats Clayton's men, with the help of some more animals he summoned to help him in the rescue; including Terk and Tantor and Jane and her father. He is the King of the Jungle and Lord of the Apes. The banishment only worsens his evil, turning him bitter, rage-filled, and, shockingly, carnivorous and willing to kill anyone who crosses his path. Domovoi "Dom" Butler | Shadow | Henrietta | WIKI LAST INFOS: Register if you are willing to edit the wiki, pages often get blocked to prevent vandalism from unregistered users. Charles de Girl | Also, the movie takes a minor character from the story, Tarzan's cousin William Cecil Clayton, and makes him the villain. Throughout most of Tarzan's early l… Li Shang | Alistair Krei | Rapunzel | He has also shown to be surprisingly affectionate and romantic, as shown through his interactions with Jane, often complimenting her, protecting her, and giving her flowers while proclaiming her to be the best woman there is. Ebenezer Scrooge | Koda | Cinderella (2015) | Tarzan is an extremely brave, caring, loyal, honorable, mysterious, praiseworthy, adventurous, and courageous man who deeply cares about his family and friends and was willing to risk his life to save them. Tarzan evidently shows fear, as during his fight with Sabor, when Tarzan is backing away in the tree branches, if one listens past Tarzan's grunts and the branches snapping, they can hear Tarzan let out a deep, slight whimper. Edit this sidebar! Cogsworth (2017) | Underdog | Rolly | Tom Sawyer | Pascal | Sebastian | Vexen | Xion) | Apollo | Iago | Sergeant Calhoun | Oliver | Frank |

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