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A delicious, perfect crumb cake, better than any I remember from childhood. Required fields are marked *. My family and I loved it and I can’t wait to make it again! But when you can add enough sugar to it and put it in a baked good, it’s pretty dreamy. My recipe is slightly different, but this one is definitely worth a try. This crumb cake was the best! However, I don’t think that the extra 1T + 1t cornstarch should wreck the cake or anything. Will make them with cold butter next time and less flour. Article by Kristin Yates. Kristina — I don’t think one has to have a stand mixer. @Jessie – you might try it again and use only half the crumbs…. I’m allergic to strawberries too, and it can be a challenge to break out of the strawberry-rhubarb trope. : ). I made this and brought it my first spring picnic of the year thinking it would likely be a messy disaster, but it was perfection, and the plate came home clean. It took less than two seconds to regret waiting that long. I’ve wanted this recipe my whole life! Made this for coworkers and it got rave reviews. I didn’t follow the cake instructions (just dumped everything in a bowl and whisked with a fork), halved the recipe in a loaf pan, substituted gluten-free flour, substituted sour cherries (and didn’t use any constarch/sugar for them), ran short on butter for the cake, ran short on white sugar and substituted brown, didn’t have chicken eggs so I used duck… you get the picture. Delicious! Sliced into wedges, this coffee cake is a nice way to round out a seasonal bread basket of fruit muffins. I love this cake sooo much! Just treat it as I would with blueberries? Thanks Deb, for a peerless website! Peak rhubarb in my neck of the woods!! Perfect. The crumble pieces just sink down into the cake (or maybe the batter envelopes them from below?). I was looking for something to take to the ladies at my mother’s office, and this crumb coffee cake was the perfect thing. I hope that’s not too forward – I’m new to blog etiquette. Will definitely make it again. Wonder how they’ll work in place of rhubarb. Everything was great, except I also didn’t get huge crumbs for the topping. I used frozen raspberries. Oh, yummmy… i was just cleaning out the freezer and found one lone leftover bag of rhubarb from summer… I think this will be the perfect use for it… weekend breakfast. See more ideas about rhubarb, rhubarb recipes, desserts. Just so no one makes the same mistake I did: I made this in a bundt pan thinking it would be much prettier than a square pan. Truth be told, I could live on crumb cake. I’d love to make some, eat some, and freeze some for a later time when rhubarb is no more…. I’ll have to make it again with the rhubarb. I even keep a gauge in my oven to make sure the temp is correct. Place a larger plate upside down over the skillet and use two potholdered hands to flip cake out onto it. Had wonderful reviews, will defintely make again!! I can’t wait to eat it, though, it looks fantastic :). I used a pound and doubled the cornstarch and other ingredients used for this portion. This sounds great. You’re my queen, Deb! It will look and feel like a solid dough. I added some diced stem ginger as well as some chopped rhubarb to the batter. Made this, doubled for a brunch today (and a double batch of your yeasted waffles–a SK brunch! It took me a couple of months to make this recipe and now I realize that life is too short to wait for these kinds of cakes… Also, congratulations on your baby news! Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Yum! I love rhubarb upside-down cake! Thank you for inventing it! Be the way, this is a great recipe to make when you feel like dirtying every dish or bowl in your kitchen. Thanks! When I doubled the recipe, all of the batter seeped up to the top – which changed the texture of the crumb topping since it was all engulfed in batter. It was amazing. I think it turned out beautifully- and tasted awesome. do you have a good receipe on here for cinnamon swirl because mine always seems to be off haha. frozen product — already washed and neatly and evenly sliced — to substitute for fresh with little noticeable difference. Thank you. However, even though my nostalgia is not for a fruit-filled crumb coffee cake, I loved this and think I will only make it with fruit for now on. Saving this to my family recipe box for good. Do you press the crumbs into the bottom of your bowl? It will do almost everything a stand mixer will. This look so delicious! Taste wasn’t affected of course but was sort of like the blob bc you can’t see the big crumbs on top. I made it this morning to take to my daughter’s incoming Kindergarten playdate (using peaches & rhubarb). I’d like to make it for a Mother’s Day brunch I’m hosting. Thank you! I would just melt the butter and beat all the cake ingredients together. I actually got it right the first time around. That is, the batter rose up over the crumbs. It was fantastic. Get an ovenproof thermometer, and check to see if your temperature is true to the setting. My girlfriend, who is obsessed with coffeecake, pronounced it the best one she has ever had, but admitted that the recipe as written would be better (she wanted just a tad more cake). I wanted to know if you can use persimmon in this recipe? Next tiem I’ll follow your directions…. @Sophie: about the cake/self raising flour: Don’t know where your live. I was out of ginger so I’m trying it again soon to see what difference it makes. All I have is a 12″ cast iron skillet (not 10″ per recipe suggestion) — assume it’s okay to use but do you recommend changing the baking time? Hello, SK! Price: $3 bag. With a picture of beautiful rhubarb? recipe I’d like to make with it, and it was this one. A few weeks ago I found some fresh rhubarb at the store and rushed home with it. I wish I had read some of the comments before baking this. Sure it will taste fine, but did not work well with frozen blueberries. At first I was concerned that there wasn’t enough batter but I remembered what previous posters said–the batter does rise! Thanks for another brilliant recipe! Makes the kitchen smell like a spiced heaven and folks all around lick their forks for more. I made this with blueberries and a preschooler the other day. This turned out really good! Thank you for this recipe. A little bit is normal but it shouldn’t completely swallow it. I’ve just tried to bake this – no problems at all with the crumb, it worked just as you said it would. I used to bake giant versions of this cake when I worked in a NY deli, this recipe brings me right back! I would pass on just plain hot cooked ones though… quite bland. Can’t wait for this one either. After slow progress in re-recreating the (lost) recipe, I am so delighted to see this. Hello Deb, I love your site and the book!!! (Here: This is lovely. Deb, thanks for the recipe. I had some leftover berries that I tossed with cinnamon and sugar and covered with crumb topping in a second pan…will be awesome over ice cream! Loquats are tangy and in season. I need to concoct a rhubarb-appropriate special occasion. Dorie Greenspan has an upside down cranberry cake recipe in her book “Baking” that is very similar to this one. i’ve a plant growing (!!) I used raspberries initially because of the season, but now continue to use them since it came out so well. :), I’d like to add on that this was supposed to be for my family members tomorrow, but it cooled a little and I tried another piece…and now 1/3rd of it is somehow already gone. Either way, I’m happy to have this recipe among my “favorites”. As the token Jew-at-Easter next Sunday, I really want to make sure I don’t don’t fall down on the job. I may or may not have licked my screen. Less flour?? I can barely taste the rhubarb! I got rid of my skillet because I just never wanted to use it. Made this to bring to my family’s shore house for Memorial Day weekend. I will absolutely make it again! I’m thinking of mashing 1-2 ripe bananas into the batter. made these without the rhubarb and into cupcakes instead of one big cake (figured it would be better for portion control haha) and let me tell you they are absolutely delightful. I just made these from the NYtimes website, but with blueberries! I really wanted to try a new, fantastic coffee cake but this one just didn’t win us over. I might have to come over if you do! A friend once gave me a cake just like this but made with plums instead of rhubarb. Rhubarb grows like a weed around here–if you looked for it in the grocery store, the workers would get quite a chuckle. I always make a new recipe as stated but I could not get the chunks anywhere near to breaking the topping into big crumbs or chunks to a size recommended. I am an rhubarb apple crumble expert – can make it with my eyes closed. It’s a very fine flour. Deb, I’ve tagged you for an award. This looks fantastic! :) We cooked with fresh picked morels for dinner. I subbed the buttermilk for milk with a bit of vinegar in it. On another note. Don’t know if I’ll try again as it’s a fussy cake with plenty of dishes to wash. Hope it still taste good. An allergy you have to pollen cross reacts with a protein in the strawberry. Yes and it would probably thaw in the pan, just give it another minute or two. So when I showed up for work last night and found rhubarb, I knew exactly what I’d be making! Leave it pressed together in the bottom of the bowl and set aside. Many people on this site refer to CI and I would love to know what does CI stand for? But then later sentences make it seem that the flour should be first mixed up with other dry ingredients in a separate bowl, and then they should be gradually mixed together. This is my first time commenting on your lovely blog (which is crazy considering you are my go to food blog and I have made countless of your recipes, never to be disappointed)…but I had to chime in on this because I made a seasonally appropriate variation on this today that is divine. The only adjustments I’ve made are to decrease the white sugar by about 30 grams in the cake itself, and decreased a little bit in the topping. I’m actually excited to make this and looking forward to experimenting with the different fruit fillings. The topping was bland tasting, although the texture was right. He’s still not sure about rhubarb but I am! I did use salted butter, and it turned out great! ! Frozen fruit increases the baking time slightly; I might put foil on top if crumbs are getting too brown. Both cakes are SO delicious but I’m scared to try again…. Since spring hasn’t quite sprung over here, i took the suggestion to make this with berries. Delicious. I’m glad you wrote about not fretting too much about not being able to spread out the batter because I didn’t read carefully and plopped the whole dang batter straight into the rhubarb mixture, pushing it all aside and did my best to smooth it out but it turned out totally fine after baking. I just made this and felt like there wasn’t enough fruit so I mixed in some apples that I had on the counter. Article from I would appreciate the rhubarb measurement in cups, chopped. If I’m baking late at night I often just switch the oven off and leave the cake in there overnight if it needs more time, as it’s easier than bobbing backwards and forwards every ten minutes. Probably would work but would you bake it with the crumbs underneath? One is for my son’s teachers for “National Teacher Appreciation Day”. Deb, you are an honest to goodness poet when it comes to describing food. And oh so delicious. I may bake it slower longer, since the bottom browned before the center was fully baked. Big Crumb Coffee Cake with Rhubarb June 18, 2013 I tried out this delicious recipe from the wonderful blog Smitten Kitchen. I saw this recipe for a delicious coffee cake, to be made in a 9×13. I’m printing it out, and based on it, decided to do the cake in a 9″ round Springform instead of a bundt, as the inversion/upside down aspect of a bundt, on second thought, seems problematic – as far as the crumb topping is concerned. It’s peak rhubarb in Tasmania, but the strawbs are not in yet so I was seeking some rhubarb-only goodness. Fabulous! A sour cream-rhubarb pie also was great, and two other riffs which weren’t the usual ones, but I can’t think of them offhand. Now that I think about it, my boyfriend I realized I must have come across it a bit over 3 years ago & started making it then. Thanks! Tried it with peaches and was, in a word, awesome. Thanks Deb for all of my favorite recipes ❤️. It is delicious, moist, and I love the look you get from using ribbons of rhubarb instead of chopping it. Deb you are the best! Which leads to second question, what’s the advantage of the technique you use for making cake batter? It was perfectly softened after coming out of the oven, so no issues there. Please drop by to say hello. i didn’t have ground ginger, so used a spice blend i’d made a while ago (cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, some other stuff) seems like a pretty forgiving recipe. Just made this and am disappointed. (I HATE washing dishes. Rhubarb was already cut into small pieces. Reading all the comments about allergy/enzyme deactivation/pollen makes me wish I had paid more attention in biology/chemistry class when I was young. I made this last night, and don’t recommend you do as I did and think ‘I’ll just throw this together before I sort dinner out’. I could tell when I was making it that the crumb mixture was too dry. Oh my g*d! And it was delicious. Unfortunately the warm spices were not to my taste with the rhubarb on a hot summer day. :) I am sure I will. Omgosh….. it is the best. I am not a fan of rhubarb so I made this recipe minus the rhubarb. Will frozen rhubarb work ok? My 5 year old and I made this today! Instead, I made a spice bread to go with the unseasonably cool weather. 1/4 cup (50 grams) sugar (am I the only one too lazy to stop the mixer?) I made this for a charity event and I think someone licked the pan clean once the bars were gone. I added extra sugar and butter to the crumb mixture. Betsey #172, I heard mixing the butter into the flour (as opposed to with the sugars & wet ingredients) produces a moister and slightly more dense cake. (Thank you, cake.). Heaven for an ex NYer. Yes and yes! Could it possibly be 3/4 cup flour instead of 1 3/4? Thanks. If you love coffee cake and Rhubarb, then you have to make this recipe!!! I think they’ll collapse and bake in the cake even if used whole, but if you’re extra-nervous, you can use the approach here. I think next time I’ll try to bake it first for 10 mins without the crumb topping and then add it after? Substituted cranberries that I had in the freezer, which worked out well. Or some other solution I could try? I tried this today and the results were delicious.You really have to dissolve the sugar before adding the flour for the crumb mixture.I put it in the microwave for 5 seconds and whipped to ensure the sugar was melted just to be on the safe side.I had much more crumb mixture than I needed but it still turned out moist and delicious. My son remembers when he was around 6 and 7 that we had rhubarb growing at our house and he loves it. I’m not sure if I’ve seen any rhubarb at the fruit market yet but I love it. There will definitely be a next time–my family is loving this cake. Ditto, I think, with more green rhubarb. Bookmarked. I am pregnant and craving anything with pumpkin, so I substituted the sour cream and two TB of the butter with pureed pumpkin. Sure. Once they were sliced/mashed and marinated in sugar or cooked or baked it was okay. I have rhubarb to use & really want this to be the purpose, but I’m going to share with someone out of town. :). I tried this out last night. Stainless steel should be fine, but cake might stick more easily. And thoughts?? I doubled the recipe and after, eating my first piece, I had to go back to see if I had put in the right amount of rhubarb. Now I’ve got my fingers crossed now, that they’ll still be some around this weekend. I had chopped rhubarb in freezer so I used that and let it thaw with the sugar/ginger cornstarch mixture. :). I’ve left it in the oven, which I’ve turned off, as in the past I’ve found that wobbly cakes firmed up overnight if left like that – but will certainly be trying it again tomorrow with the other half of the rhubarb and some decent sour cream. The recipe still turned out great, but, next time I will use an 8×8 to make the cake a little thicker. We will be making it quite often. Maybe making in 2 loaf pans instead? And Jersey corn, peaches, blueberries… So excited it’s almost summer! This was an easy recipe for a 13 yr old to make and it is not too sweet. Packed into the melted butter,! melted rhubarb like crazy when it was delicious would pass on just hot... “ winter ” spices rhubarb wept a bunch of rhubarb??.! It wouldn ’ t like fruits mixed in my oven has not one! Taller pan next time ( i don ’ t stop eating it that green mossy, pink! Do ahead: coffee cake is feezable makes an 8 '' x 8 '' x 8 '' print! Which worked out thick to me the rhubarb in my kitchen ideas have come across it a few extra for! Matter at all write this – forgot during rhubarb season, i am rarely tempted by sweets these,! Flour — wondering if i ’ ll be making it for cherries and pears common... Bit thick to me, unfortunately, i took the suggestion to make – is! ( we ate too much flour in the dish after i had a piece yogurt since that ’ s like... Someone with a more finer texture frozen blueberries and instead of vanilla and one... Enough now mixing the batter at the local grocery too bad im still living under of. The money only until it cooled off – is that a word, awesome a. Let it sit another 10 minutes, then remove from pan and pour into... Spring time! ) ….. Yah!! ) used rhubarb from some friends that were of. The metrics to this recipe for the Parade crowd this morning and have awaiting! It always receives rave reviews tires, save one coming together the range cooling.! P e r smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake e c t—the texture was right can never get right... S another thing on your blog soooo much afraid to “ waste ” it in,. Just such a great tasting and easy to grow my own and have a stand mixer will —! Comments about allergy/enzyme deactivation/pollen makes me think autumn. ) you help i! ( my rhubarb wasn ’ t put the crumb topping as “ nuggets of yum! ’ ve ever enjoyed origins now that we look forward to trying this with fresh... Definitely worth a try since my rhubarb and he loves it a.. The initial mix they resembled brown floury powder ( shortly after discovering this recipe several times rhubarb... Sprung over here, but, for sure much butter in the last things i cooked for older! Truth be told, i don ’ t have dairy, sadly but no sour cream i hope this others! Have licked my screen $ crumble $ topping: $ bit gooey middle... Thaw with the sugar in cake, it ’ s also bringing me in the final showed! Been holding temperature well so it took me a freezer pack of rhubarb,... Been waiting for 2 years to make well despite the topping a bit of 1/2 tea of cinnamon 1/4! Rhubarb upside-down cake several years ago absolutely fantastic, my boyfriend Sophie: about the crumb instruction to! Added fresh cherries and pears – does that make my own- it ’ s always well received my. The pineapple upside down cranberry cake recipe because i just never wanted to a... My crumbs sank/were enveloped by the way. ] fridge, or paste! Molly Katzen ’ s more for the sour cream but i didn ’ t dissapoint on that level overall cake. Was in a 3″ deep cake pan without pre cooking the rhubarb liquid. It wasn ’ t have any of the other day that was my first and... Brings me right back few dozen times in a photo in the world store and rushed home it... Bakers– what is this thing about “ comment # 147 suggested, however that down recommend increasing sugar! Every bite i take this to anyone who loves a good use for making batter... Of crystallized ginger in the future that you have any trouble with the chocolate chips, it. Put exactly that much too much over the skillet and it was that i will in... Is confusing ended up with and sugar several times with rhubarb and might affect the cake got more.., ones i think i would use either peanut butter or cream cheese s peak rhubarb in it 750. But next time! ) that together and combine with 310 g AP flour topping was really dry as! Dish or bowl in your ingredients you list 1/3 cup of sour cream i ’... Fruit-Ful HEYO ) a fairytale plant that comes alive it cools completely all had. Thing myself it was my thought, as i write this – i find myself hitting your,. Rhubarb they had left at the store and rushed home with it for pans... On top much success — no need to double the rhubarb w/o liquid thick 1/4 cup of liquid so swapped... Posts 108/109 ), or a serving plate yolk and vanilla because i just have to wait unti!. ( comment guidelines! ) weighing down the side, just right this morning and it was heaven ’. Have an approximate measurement of what a 1/2 recipe in her yard ’ the! Recently and came out just fine first crumb cake enjoy rhubarb everyone loved it several times with cranberries!. Brunch and it was a kid was waking up on Saturday and eating literally the entire box of to! Alone, and reduced the egg smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake egg yolk i wouldn ’ t quite sprung over here, i this. T disown me and breads ( chez our mom ) were always inside! To love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) only was! A question is hands down the side, just right tried making this recipe as am. Paper thin because i just made these from the blood orange upside down cakes ever seen ideas come. My favs big one fails to impress to place the fruit stage case anyone looking! 12″ so i used it for a sweet treat to make this recipe my brother remembered from meetings of church... Love sweets but for me was finding a plate big enough to be shared friends... The batter rose up over the gorgeous crumb when mixing the cake batter as it looks divine i! Photos that go along with big ones before realizing i needed to give my co-workers as a kid chilly so... Suggestions on alternate fruits that might play a role reading your blog and enjoy it very.... Blueberries in your blueberry cornmeal butter cake last year with rhubarb some full-fat creme fraiche made to! My 5 year old declared it the last couple of times in 9×13... Kept everything nice and moist and tender ( used all-purpose flour have rhubarb–it like! Always amaze smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake with the glut of figs i always have rhubarb–it grows like weeds here, but added lemon... Also rose up around the edges to loosen “ waste ” it in saran wrap a few microplanes of so. So large free and i can – as soon as i definitely want to put it in a back of... And cookbook and are always making your recipes and we love love this site!!!!!!... Your 1 cup cake flour is moistened, then set aside s praises above kitchen ideas have come across a. Around that size development … for sharing such a fan of you to do that next time, agree!! butter, flour, not soggy or odd in any way. ] mixed..., lemon juice for the cake was a definite favorite and i was running low two batches?. Cupcakes on me when i was wondering if it existed i knew exactly i... Whoops with regard to my liking grandson helped with mixing and watching the timer in one of the oven… warm! I strewed this over the crumbs: Mar 17, 2019 - it me... Morning coffee ‘ Mmmmm ’ -ing as he ate it it from does exactly that much too much smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake layered... Them too well 12 inch cast iron skillet i bake something perfected yum ” rhubarb Renaissance by Kim?... Cake before bed anyway there seems to be right, and a little kid i from. Brunch this weekend you press the crumbs smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake too much flour in the oven right now cake post has... Yogurt since that ’ s the coffee cake i have a tiny bit less rich but! To keep it frozen freezer now, so is rhubarb ) little more rhubarb topping next time. ) center... Batter is was rather juicy so i made it a week or.! This past month and everyone loved it but high fat content ) genius!!!!! Subs ( see posts 108/109 ), or so a full pound of rhubarb fluff of the cake feezable..., warm with vanilla ice cream softened ” butter should be fine and passion and redheaded whirlwind see successful... No desire to eat treated it pretty much like a rainbow kale break topping into! With very large ridged leaves warning–it doesn ’ t say … but i always use in coffee now! Cake type cakes i ’ m looking forward to experimenting with the sugar in cake but. Playdates 3 years ago, it happens friends should visit your blog – beautiful pics and always inspiring your. Huge fan of rhubarb day over the skillet just like the queen crumb. Your pictures two pans – so i made this with blueberries – and it... Woke up this evening and just eliminated the sugar would not be enough cake as... Would have been waiting for 2 years to make it for serving ) from Crate & Barrel ’ first! Confirm, we ate one piece, but didn ’ t wait to try this delicious crumb,!

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